Moral failure, brought to you by the Minnesota Senate

As we have said many times, a budget is a moral document. It shows our priorities and our values. 

Most Minnesotans share similar values. We value caring for one another when we’re needed most. We value public education and good health. Clean air, pure water and a future that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren.

What Happened

With $9.3 billion of unspent funds, our state legislature had the opportunity to make huge strides in building this future. Yet a handful of extremists who control the Minnesota Senate chose to block progress this year. They chose to reward large corporations with tax breaks. They chose to continue a bailout of the healthcare insurance corporations. But when it came time to solve the crisis facing our childcare providers, our public schools and our climate future, these same elected officials said “No!”

There are no words for this, other than these: Total. Moral. Failure.

Hard Fought Wins

Governor Walz and the Minnesota House leadership fought hard for needed funding for childcare, paid family and medical leave, and climate action. They also fought hard for ALL essential workers to be recognized – not just nursing home workers – and rewarded for their sacrifices through the early years of the COVID pandemic. Kids Count On Us joined with a broad coalition of worker organizations and fought and won those bonus payments.

As this legislative session comes to a close, we have our wins to celebrate, our champions to cheer,  and a clearer idea of the battle in front of us. We also know who’s to blame as so many families will continue to feel the weight of failed leadership in the Senate controlled by the GOP.  Most importantly, we are equipped with information about what we can do in the face of all this! 

The Work We Have Ahead

What we have always known to be true is that when we fight, we win. Minnesota is our home. A robust multiracial democracy and a caring state where all of our families can thrive is possible… when we fight for it. We saw the Governor and House fight for and pass many bills that would create abundant households, happy children, smart students and healthy families.

We will continue to fight for them and we will win! 

In Solidarity,
The Faith in Minnesota Team